Palm Avenue House in New Delhi Architecture video

After a very long time body of COVID lockdown, Fenesta & Buildofy current #MyGreatFacade in a refreshing format. Check out the primary video on this collection.

The plot measures 10,500 sq ft and is situated within the suburbs of New Delhi in Vasant Kunj. The constructing is oriented alongside the cardinal axis. Home to a household of 5, spanning throughout three generations, the property, with its clear strains and minimalistic exteriors is symbolic of the evolution of that of its homeowners and creators. The pillars of the undertaking had been pure gentle, clear air and house, all of that are synonymous with luxurious for the home-owner and the studio.
Architect Akshat Bhatt of Architecture Discipline narrates the design technique of Palm Avenue House

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Palm Avenue House


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  1. Looks like a dead wooden box….with no play of colors.

  2. Where in vasant kunj ??

  3. Minimalistic design and the right choice of materials makes it a beautiful house, embracing an abundance of natural light😍

  4. A unique attempt at Residential Design. Leaving some nuances of the space to be beautifully designed by the dwellers themselves, as they move in. Great work by the entire team on the brilliant product! ⭐👍

  5. The luxury of light in this house is impeccable. Beautiful home 🙂

  6. Clean and beautiful design..! Clutter free.. love it

  7. Lmao, he went on and on about a tiny ass olive tree, which has no free standing spatial quality

  8. That's a Tudor North Flag on his wrists, a tasteful everyday timepiece.

  9. 1. I hope the Vastu Principles was not part of the breef cuz they are thwarted in the plan.
    2. Interiors are missing the homely essence & something is off about them looks like office-public building.
    3. Kitchen downstairs, formal-dining upstairs ergonomically bad idea.

  10. i felt asleep coz of the soothing voice of the Architect , dangg!!!

  11. Great video, Please provide links to the music you use

  12. This house gives me a school type vibes, the furniture doesn't seem comfortable

  13. south dehli wali shanaya, lavanya ka ghar lol

  14. Why the dining is not next/ near the kitchen….your spiral will not let any party be replenished with freshly cooked hot snacks

  15. This House lacks that unique Binding factor that helps it become a Home.

  16. Facade is awesome but interiors just look like some kind of university's library

  17. Now Buildofy targetting only bigger houses.

  18. This was so calming to watch.

  19. From Vastushashtra point of view, it is the worst design. Architects try to nudge their creativity everywhere, but it is such a good opportunity wasted and that too at step such a steep price.
    Even if I disregard principles of vastu, even then it is worst design with kitchen and dining floor on different levels.

  20. Minimalist house , cold and without any soul !!

    Needs a LOT more trees and NOT palm trees which are bloody useless. Celebrate indian variety with big canopies. We are not middle east that need palm trees and also palm trees deosnot equal a resort feel .

    Houses need to infuse indian architecture, richness of our textiles to designs and a lot more – NOT manhatten coldness n minimalism!!

    Its a box trying to be aecletic and modern – but is mastering in none !!

    If this was a clients brief – different story – but for me this house just doesnot do it at all – and on any level !!

    Apologies for being critical !!

  21. This guy is looking south star hero Ajith…..😊

  22. If owner would have hauled 3-4 shipping containers and got an interior guy he would have given same output ; such a pristine site and such poor dabba execution. Pine wood is used by pretentious lot , it's highly flammable and weakest wood there is . Just because a "phoren" house photo on Instagram looks good it doesn't mean it is good. . Copy paste wali mentality wala kaam karwaoge to yahi hoga.

  23. Who want to see architect's face we all want a walk through of the house

  24. Simplification is the toughest job…

  25. Nice house when watched from the outside however ergonomically not so convenient.

  26. What's there for 10k-12k rupees per sq ft?? That too in 2016. 🙄🙄🙄

  27. Well presented. But why they didn't incorporated landscape into the home ? Leaving aside a open space could have been a very much live green space in center?

  28. Tbh this project was just bland … such a wasted potential

  29. Didn't like it at all and how come this box costed hefty amount of 7 crs. lacking any luxury element inside or outside.
    Dining table was accumulation of chairs picked from garbage dump and purposelessly long table.
    Contradiction in cost and outcome.
    Videos was of forgotten format which is good but lacks the visuals from project.
    I think the owner should permit the architect to roam inside and shoot, not like peeping paparazzi.

  30. He really knows wat he is doing 👌amazing work

  31. Just Beautiful.. ❣️the concept..

  32. Beautiful representation by buildofy.

  33. The colour pallette is good but felt like house was missing some kinda of Homely atmosphere,sharp edges running all of the spaces , a courtyard could have given an extra element to the space which was missing ..may be that's the requirement of the client..

  34. Bad bad design.such a boring house.imagine spending crores n gettin this below avg result.

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