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Round Corner House is a final result of the constraints of its context. The 10 cents (404.7 sq.m.) property with no vegetation has roads on three sides, exposing it to its environment. Hence, the design calls for privateness.

The format of the home, with a built-up space of two,535 sq.ft., is comparatively easy. The bedrooms are positioned on the southeast and southwest, alongside the winding route. The kitchen is situated within the northeast of the plot. These two areas are then linked by a double-height living-dining area. This area is flanked by double-height open-to-sky courtyards on the east and west. The double-height courtyards are partially shaded with pergolas on the highest within the north-south route for cover from the solar. The exterior uncovered jaali wall of the courts provides ample cross-ventilation into the home from west to east.

Ar. Jose Okay Mathew, together with Ar. Clara Rose Jose, takes us by way of the earthy home, narrating the idea behind its structure and interiors.

Photo Credits: Syam Sreesylam

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Round Corner House

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  1. That girl is super 💐

  2. sir you should also interview the structural designers who designed the building along with the architects, in every video there is only architect point of view but not structural designers.

  3. This is what is architecture. Well thought out plan and beautiful outlook

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  7. Good job Clara. Keep it up…

  8. Very nice. The home and the design both speak the experience. Thank you for the video.

  9. The architect agrees dat d area suffers frm water scarcity in d summer…..I wish they cud hv added a rainwater harvesting system as well & it has to be mandatory for every construction !

  10. Can you make the house in alwar rajasthan please

  11. So much knowledge, that's why you pay an ARCHITECT.

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