2,560 sq.ft Compact Home in Kutch | Mandvi House by Spasm Designs

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Set within the abandoned panorama of Kutch district contoured by Rukmavati river emptying into the Arabian sea, and adorned with a number of seashores, lies a small, traditionally important, municipal city ‘Mandvi’. The city internally is wealthy with veins of dense slender lanes, intently positioned quick conventional properties that allowed restricted exploration in environment. The dynamics of those geographies, led to visualise the home as an introverted object that pulls gentle, primarily from the sky.

Architect Sanjeev Panjabi and Sangeeta Merchant of Spasm Design, constructed this stunning home with regionally sourced Khavda stone


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  1. Hi

    Could you share please the supplier contact and price of the Khavda Stone. Thanks.

  2. Please stop saying detailed floor plan as they just provide simple plan which even don't have room dimensions, however it is good for architect but for engineers it is useless guyz, not included any structural plan.

  3. I have 14×30 aprarment .want to make 3 stry ..pls guide me

  4. Sorry 2560 sq feet is wayyyyyy tooooooo compact for me!!!

  5. -A lot of people asking about the "rain thing issue". In my opinion the architect, I guess already included that in hes design consideration. The place maybe don't rain that much.

    -Also if the family wants to celebrate that moment having rain and to get wet, and they love it and requested the terrace should be opened. Then that is definitely a precious space for them,not for you, but for the user of that space. Remember that we have different influences of architecture. Religion or beliefs of human also be considered,and that shows respect for them and love.

    – It is designed for a specific client,that includes both physical and non-physical context .

  6. A very nice design that could be enlarged and modified to build a townhome in the US, I'm guessing.

  7. What is the background music track??

  8. how does it protect from the rain?

  9. Please upload designs for plot size of 60ft(front) × 40ft(depth)

  10. What if it rains on terrace?

  11. really buildofy hats off to you for posting such elaborated videos for a long time now… I mean that there are so many videos on beautiful homes which just doesn't explain why a building is built in a certain way and that really irritates me as I am an architecture student I really wished that someday architects would expalin why a certain thing was built in a way and see what God did it just showed me this channel…:)

  12. I love the cow in the sectional view @03:43

  13. What is the original carpet area ?
    I mean open plot area !

  14. What kind of material is used for vertical fins, is it counted in built-up area.

  15. Why you gave less width slit windows??

  16. What about in heavy rains?
    As our family also knees to build a 2nd home at our native place Upleta, Rajkot or how do we contact you?

  17. We have a plot size of 40 by 60 can you help us design the house.. and we are based in jodhpur

  18. This is kutch…rain and heat is mejor issue here…what about that

  19. Hello, first of all it’s a very well designed home as always..big fan of your designs..my question is “ at terrace seating area,can one open any part of the vertical fins if they want sometime? If not then why u choose not to ?thank u.

  20. I have doubts to the open terrace design , how does the design work of open terrace in area like mandvi and specially in the area like kutch where the weather is harsh and very dusty @byldofy

  21. Hello Mam
    Superb work done in little space. I want to get my house designed by you. I m at Himachal. Is to possible for you ?

  22. Imagine the amount of dust going in the house through the jali !! A failed aspect in architecture when especially the site is situated in a dry and dusty region

  23. I didn't get it why you divided the drawing or living area into two. It was a client demand or you design in this way. Please tell if u read the comment. Otherwise I like the openings you design it like this as per the climate.

  24. Dear sir/madam
    In stair case when tain come water come inside home becozz If any roof provided ..please tell

  25. No open balcony, no outside design, just a cuboid. What is this?

  26. Brick or block?? Which one is best for house please guide me

  27. Environmental aspects are not being followed

  28. You have kept the terrace open won't this overheat terrace in unbearable kutch heat, and how does ventilation work?

  29. I m engineer from kutch. I would like to visit this home. kindly provide location and owner detail. [email protected]gmail.com
    Thank you.

  30. I realllllly feel happy in knowing Mujo Kutchdo, kedir to ayo…

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