3,000 sq.ft Compact Home in Pune | Stepped House by Sunil Patil Associates Architecture Design

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Stepped House

Sited in Pune metropolis, Stepped House is unfold throughout a plot space of three,000 sq.ft. Home to a big joint household of 10 members of various age teams, the design goals to bind the household at core, respecting every particular person’s preferences.

Architect Sunil Patil narrates the design of this stunning compact home positioned in Pune, Maharashtra

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  1. What is the floor plate and plot size?

  2. ‘Compact’ home of “3000” sq ft for a “large” joint family in a ‘congested’ city!:)

  3. U should also tell the price for constructing such houses… 👍👍

  4. Sir,
    Is it possible to build 4 bhk duplex house in 12m x 20m plot with swimming pool in 60lakh budget?

  5. What was the cost for the total design?

  6. Sir can u pls design this same house on west facing plot and the plot size is 31*70 feet and we have to build 5 houses parallely.my email is [email protected]gmail.com and iam from nepal kathmandu .my cellphone no is +977 9852027853.thank u .waiting for ur earliest response.

  7. Please share the contact of lift vendor

  8. fabulous very metaculously worked on cliet`s requirement. just a masterpiece

  9. 3000 sq ft is compact? If our architects think 3000 sq ft area is compact, then either they are poor in architecture, or they work with only rich clients.
    If you feel the house of a family that owns 3 cars that includes Rangerover and jaquar is a compact house, then dude.. you must work with only Ambanis or Tatas.

  10. Best Compact Dream House❤️

  11. What was the available fund for this project ? If we hire you what would be your fee and you will work in other states ??

  12. Nice channel.. Love the architect. Want to know what the cost of such property in bangalore along with land

  13. Please mention the budget of this project

  14. Hi buildofy please list contemporary modern homes with budget of under 3500 per square feet with buid up area of 6000 sq ft it would be really helpfull

  15. I will but this house with any cost and when I will be a singer than I will make my dream true

  16. I wish you could do videos with more details of the house. Many videos from Buildofy doesnt even have basic details of the plot like dimensions and plot facing. And also if we want to download the PDF of the house, we must have to subscribe the Buildofy website. Thats too costly for short term users! Ofcourse this is a good chanel for upcoming architects.
    Since this house was amazing and i loved this, I want some more details of this house. So please, atleast mention the dimentions of this house as a "reply" below.

  17. I love this project, good architecture and interior design 👌, please let me know the project cost construction and interior, and time for finishing up, I wish you share me details on [email protected]gmail.com or reply

  18. Can i get the dimentions of the plot.

  19. You mentioned cost per sft is 8500. But what does this cost actually include? Is it just the construction? Or interiors too? Please mention it.

  20. Sir the ultimate question is how can I hire ur featured architects for my house..👍🏽👍🏽

  21. is this a joke ? 3000 sq feet home compact lol

  22. Could you tell me the overall cost … And what it includes

  23. Stop making fool of people. Koi free nah hai sign up kr lo phr subscription purchase krni prti hai… Bilawaja jhut bol ke logo ka tym waste naa kro

  24. Pune & Mumbai are the worst places to live.

  25. Do architects think about cleaning and daily maintenance of the home while designing interiors 😀 ?

  26. 3000 sq ft House called compact in Pune / Mumbai is very funny.

  27. Really good work guys 👍

  28. How houses are protected when it rains

  29. How is 3000sq ft is compact. 🤷

  30. May i know the cost please

  31. Amazing design khup chaan!!!!!

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