House in Chennai |Architecture Project video

House in Chennai |Architecture Project video

Name: House in Chennai
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Plot Area: 3,500 sq ft
Built-up Area: 3,300 sq ft
Start Year: March 2015
Completion Year: August 2016
Cost Range: INR 5,500 per sq ft

Name: Yellow Sub Studio
Based In: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Principal: Architect Gayatri Gunjal

Photographer: Mani Maran
Based In: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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  1. I'm huge fan of your designs.. but please I request you to stop wasting precious pages every time you show design.. it can be shown without paper also

  2. Very bad design, facade killed the splendid size of the home and most interior looked too cookie cutter type

  3. Ma'am can we build 4 bhk duplex house in 12m x 20m with swimming pool in 60lakh budget?

  4. Initially I felt she's just a bluffer, but really she did a fabulous job transforming the existing structure which is more difficult then building a new one.

  5. Dark brown also looks good. This is very chic yet somehow traditional

  6. About 2 Cr hmm, interesting.

  7. Waste of wood,i rate it minus.

  8. Overpriced 5500 per sqft ..2000 is much enough for that

  9. Effective and sophisticated overall design … good balance between function and form without a lot of cheeseball features.

  10. Just beautiful I love squares and rectangles in a house and this design incorporates it . The entry look of the house is amazing.

  11. Her vocabulary is mostly comprised of "contemporary" and "incorporated"

  12. Hi, where is this in Chennai?

  13. Both are beautiful the house and architect gayu

  14. Not toilet, the word is bathroom!

  15. Our house is about 17 yrs now ,, n we want to renovate it ,, n im really inspired by your youtube channel ,,, how can i contact u so that i could get my house renovated by any of the architects that show their work on ur channel ???

  16. I hope there are no termites there.

  17. Niceeeeeee 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌
    Jai mata di

  18. This house is verey beautiful much money will spend to construct his house. With all equipment. Pls rply me

  19. Very Impressive renovation! Great Design and Good architectural approach.

  20. 3500 square feet total area ya fir covered area

  21. This has got to be one of the better, minimalistic designs on this channel. The Architect Gayatri explained the entire house layout & the re-modeling process step by step without wasting time in talking about unnecessary architectural colloquialism!
    Also the color palate, designs, materials make it feel more like 'HOME' and not over the top!

  22. Wow. you guys make Dream houses. Subbed.

  23. Rolex with mother of pearl?

  24. I love your work. marry me Gayatri!

  25. Hello this is Asif
    I’m an interior designer.
    Greetings from Lahore.

  26. Nicely done. What facing is the plot.

  27. Is 5500 per sq ft including interior designing and construction of the entire house.?

  28. Make videos on small houses also as majority of people have small plots 1000-2000sqft. I can understand that these architects make big projects but if small house projects are available then please upload them as well.

  29. Are the interiors also done by yellow sub studio or different group ?

  30. Re upload for puja room comment?

  31. How much it costs to construct that house

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