4,500 sq.ft House in Nashik Maharashtra by Atelier Landschaft Architecture video

The quaint setting of Shinde Residence ‘A House of Whimsy’ invokes the calm nature of town of Nashik. Growing cities typically fall prey to a drone of development, important, however banal – devoid of a spurt of vitality, that’s indispensable to a vivacious creating second tier metropolis with a possible of a metropolis given, pure assets in abundance.
This undertaking, a residential bungalow amidst numerous single-family residences could also be seen as a catalyst that may infuse the locale with vigor. In the relentless motion of life, it’s the area for pause- for gradual light actions and above all for pleasure: the pleasure of intrigue, serendipity, and whimsy, an oasis the place surreal juxtaposition

Principal architect Shruti Dabir narrates the design journey of this lovely home in Nashik Maharashtra.
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House of Whimsy

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  1. Liked everything except the dining room. It wont look good after dusk.

  2. All these beautiful properties and garbage all around it, welcome to my incredible india 🙏

  3. All good but size of plot is more covered in to built up I always feel ratio shud be 50:50

  4. I personally found this Average!! 🙄
    But that's what the owners wanted, so anyways 👍🏼

  5. What can be the total cost ???

  6. my heart stopped for a while. Amazing

  7. A great work, lot of clarity in the work. Even very well explained.
    I felt Puja room could be well placed.

  8. The nice presentation

  9. house is decent but the use of words was phenomenal.

  10. What about security ?

  11. Too many design elements and mix of design styles… Almost feels like a boutique hotel… IMO… I really loved the grandparents bedroom though…

  12. It's really beautiful and will you please tell me which softwares used to design this structure?

  13. Bhot bekar ghar
    Banaya apne
    Jail jesa

    Me kabhi nahi
    Rahu aise ghar me

  14. Finally a beautiful designed house.kudos to the architect..

  15. Didn't like the exterior, but the interiors and layout is breathtaking. Amazing

  16. I like the narration, it's clear. Kudos for the use of materials and play of forms. However, the design could be far better – some of the spaces are not Vastu-complaint (the Kitchen and Mandir being in the North-west and west) There is a semi-open toilet next to the mandir, the beds in the ground floor face west, the parking is not covered and the elevation could use some other patterns like clay brick jali. The courtyard could use a lot more planters and green spaces to contrast the black stone and compliment the brown laterite. The vaulted doors in the bedrooms above are maybe oversized – add blinds to control the sunlight and heat.

  17. Elegant just elegant.

    The use of natural stones, terracotta, arches and so kuch of greenery makes this one of the best olace to live into. The mandir space is also beautifully executed.

  18. Koi mujhe bataega please ki yea sirf ghar bana ke denge ki saath me interior design bhi hoga…
    Yaa interior design alag se krwana hoga…

  19. Where is Garden???
    Gardening is the only things which old people like to do.
    Garden is the first Design, Style, beautiful of the house.

  20. Fantastic house plan. Feeling coolness with bright sunlight inside, ample space inside and nice sit out space outside too. Only thing i don't like the concept of arches. But rest is very nice.

  21. Please mention the price as well

  22. Just a query? What does one do of security when so much glass and terracotta jalis is used? The house is lovely though..

  23. Above Average plan but beautiful narration.

  24. What a beautiful architecture.
    I wish I could see parking space.
    And a huge green facing library and small science lab at the top floor
    And a basement party hall/entertainment room.

  25. What is the cost of building construction ?

  26. Good One Architect Shruti……..

  27. Beautiful interior. Terrible exterior architecture.

  28. Wow, I liked the waterbody. Also the bedroom arches gives the bedroom a unique look.

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