9 impressive Ceiling Design Concepts

Today I am Presenting Some Ceiling Designs Concepts. from my observation.

I Explained what I feel about those concepts.

dining room with table and near open plan kitchen

1.Space-wise ceiling (mixed)

Simple+ Premium looking some Part Highlighted and some soft colored area. it Looks Amazing when we use the separation of the area without any partition. nowadays people like to combine dining and living room, that case if we designed ceiling in different parts it will automatically feel the separate areas. in this type of ceiling, you need less material and labor as well. because laborers charge extra when having an extra shape in design. so it’s cost-effective and smooth looking. I personally love this type of ceiling. in some parts we just need to Finishing work without gypsum material.

interior of modern apartment with open kitchen

2. Lights on Border

In all the borders of the ceiling we just need to make spaces and paste LED stripe there. so that it makes effects on the wall as you can see in the image. it looks cool and comfortable for the eyes. in this type of ceiling, you can make any shapes in the middle parts. but I think that border looks more pretty when the design is simple.

oval shaped table with aromatic candles in lounge

3. Simple finishing

here You can see that there is no design on the ceiling. it just fit some decorative lights to make it pretty. It’s a really simple cool and modern idea. It really cost-effective when there is no Ugly beam in the middle areas. if it has any beam, then you need to hide it.

I have one suggestion for that, you should always try to use slabs in some parts of the area. so that it uses less material and reduces costs.

4. Starlight

A simple and thick border and a completely plain middle area. here you can see the cost-effective mindset. in the middle part, we just need to finish the concrete slab in case of wiring, you can make a simple layer of the ceiling. at middle part used a decorative light. in the total ceiling, it is the only design you can see. light drama creates designs at night and also feels eye comfort.

5. Wallpaper

In this image, we can see that the wallpapers pasted on ceilings. It looks beautiful. seems something extraordinary. there are various types of design available in wallpapers so that you can choose them as per your colour theme. If you want some wallpapers you can check on this website. by clicking on the button below. you can use the same wallpaper on the wall and ceiling in the same room. and please try to paste on the highlightable area only. some wallpapers have light shaded that case you can use it to cover all ceiling. but if choosing a dark shade then use it to highlight some parts only.

6. Contemporary Shapes

There is no rule or Dimensions and perfection while making contemporary designs. Designer focuses on just look. Ultimate aim of designer is just make beautiful. And some shapes are really represents the beauty in space. While using any shape some peoples think about astrology and studying details about shapes. At that time designer should be aware what he designing. Make sure Client should be happy with the design.

7. Multi-material

As you can see in image. The parts are highlighted by vineer, color and lights. We can use multi materials to make craft work. And it hardworking task and that type of work designer needs to be involved with worker on sight. Designer should guide to worker in every step. So do it when you got more fees or for passion.

8. highlighted by colors

Some Patterns are looks Good when ceiling connect with one wall. As you can see in image ceiling connects with the main wall of room and design flow is looks amazing you can also make something like this. Which is connecting a wall and make a effect of shelter. Lightnings the sharp cuts in ceilings enhance the beauty of Space.

9. PVC material

Now days we can see this type of material in Home decor Showrooms. Its really simple to installation and no need of POP material and many workers. This type of ceiling panels has joint locks at borders so we can joint one panel to another easily. Its water resistant and long life material.

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