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We all know that how it will look when we color every wall with one Colour shade. I think It’s boring. We can find out one wall which is able to look pretty than other walls.

But how to find out the one unique wall in house..?

1. No Window: avoid the wall where a window is placed. I think the Highlighted wall should not have a window. I don’t say that it’s impossible to decorate walls with windows but here I am talking about my recommendations.

2. No Door: you should consider it. But if you have no option you can place a decorative door. But try to find door free wall.

3. Column & Offsets: Sometimes we found a bim & Column at the center of the wall it looks ugly. Try to adjust brickwork while construction and remove those offsets and make plain walls. while Colour, tile, or pasting wallpaper does not look beautiful. Nowadays it can be hidden with Gypsum Sheets and Finishing with POP you can go for this option.

Ok now if you choose a wall to highlight then you have 3 option now.

1. Paste wallpaper :

you can find out wallpaper on our website. It’s a very quick and easy idea to decorate the wall. If you are good at craft work you can paste it by yourself. So that labor cost is reduced. It’s not much difficult to paste wallpapers nowadays. Because we choose Self-Adhesive wallpapers. So that, it’s easy like paste stickers.

2. Wall Color:

we all know that Wall colors are easily found in the local market. I recommend you to buy an Emulation. It feels like a plastic-coated wall. It will be a stainless wall and looks clean Ever.

3 . Tiles:

It’s a premium option for a long time period. tiling wall a permanent solution. But it’s more costly than wallpaper and color. We have various range of wall tiles to decorate walls. If you are in living Sangli District kindly contact to visit our showroom. You have to pay for tiles and labor costs. But it looks premium and more effective.

So that’s all for now, it’s all on your budget. If you want to decorate at a low cost so I recommend you Wallpaper or colour the wall. But you want a premium look then use tiles. But one more thing I should tell you. If you are using Wallpaper or color you can change, when you found it boring. You feel the change and freshness if you do it.

So if you like this then must share it with other friends and family. I am Ashish Patel here, sharing my work experience recommendation, stay tuned.

Thank you

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