Cest La Vie House in Alibaug by ADND

Name: Cest La Vie House
Location: Alibaug, Maharashtra
Start Year: 2014
Completion Year: 2015
Plot Area: 70,000 sq.ft
Built-up Area: 15,000 sq.ft
Cost Range: 7500/-sq.ft

Firm Name: Atelier Design N Domain (ADND)
Based In: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Principal Architects: Shobhan Kothari, Anand Menon

Photographers: Sebastian Zachariah, Ira Gosalia
Firm Name: Photographix, Mumbai


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  1. Thoughtless architecture

  2. Smart man ……………………………………..

  3. What's that grey stone ??

  4. Looking like Shahrukh khan farm house

  5. High maintenance site but gives a luxurious feel of a boutique hotel.

  6. I never knew these kinds of houses exists in India!

  7. Reminds me of the movie parasite.

  8. amazing, must say… am a fresh architect too. I would be keen to know how do they treat the cushion and upholstery of the sitting space if it rains heavily. i mean is there a way??? coz it would be high maintaining those…( although the client seems super rich :P)

  9. What will be the approximate budget for making such a wonderful heaven, excluding the land rate of 1.5 acres

  10. so basically the best thing about this project is the curved wall .

  11. Please upload the eBook of this particular house

  12. Very Good site. Nice use of screen and courtyards. Overall appearance feels like two different looking houses on either side of the pool. The use of Glass cuts the privacy of spaces. Looks very extrovert. Much like the West. Anyway Client preferences over ride everything

  13. I wonder how you maintain such a house??

  14. My free e book is not opening

  15. Please sell hardcopy of ur magzine.

  16. Can't believe that project is started in 2014 and completed in 2015.. just one years to build such a beauty

  17. why e-book of this house is not available on website ?

  18. Don't know why but this house looks so lonely

  19. Looks like kind-of container house. Dude sorry to say but you really messed the entry way. Didn't look nice.

  20. farmer’s land is taken away for someone’s pleasure house/vacation house. Great environment friendly house!

  21. i wonder what happens with all the open parts of the house if snakes and other critters can just get in

  22. Masterpiece I would Say !!! Brilliant Work

  23. Kitchen seedha Jane k liye tair ke jao..vrna poora ghoom ke …lol

  24. we specialise in Architecture and Interior photography & Videos. For any such requirements contact us at @t

  25. when I was an electrician in this project .I worked 50% work of electrical . This project started in 2013 I leaved an electrician job in July 2015 before completion this project.

  26. Excellent…very intricately weaved spaces to be used during different times throughout from dawn to dusk….surely a perfect abode for a relaxed weekend for family and friends ….also water used as a binding element for the entire house which keeps on reflecting at all times !

  27. Lots of pics much appreciated

  28. House worth Rs 53cr aproxx

  29. 12,00,00,000Crs hmmmm…..worthy stuff

  30. Brilliant design, beautifully executed but hear is its biggest challenge

  31. Very well made .. appreciative work

  32. Can this house ever be called an environment friendly house? Only few small plants like plumeria, so much water wastage. Wonder what architects think these days.

  33. i always wanted to become an architect but my maths wasnt strong😢 and now m doing ca

  34. Damn..indeed a dream house for everyone😊

  35. @6.04 magically square become bold, Nice design

  36. I wonder why so much use of glass! Is it energy efficient?

  37. Next time try to take some drone shots…..

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