A glimpse of Vibrant Ceramic Expo 2017


Vibrant Ceramics is a one-of-a-kind initiative that aims towards unifying and synergizing the key players in the ceramics industry. With an enormously diverse and yet strategically focused set of invitees, participants, sponsors, and presenters; Vibrant Ceramics 2017 shall bring forward all sorts and types of business resources on a common destination to enable flawless interaction, channeling, and networking. As the customers, manufacturers, researchers, technologists, and innovators come together on the common platform to discuss, share, debate, and celebrate the best of the ceramics industry; Vibrant Ceramics 2017 shall be an international event that will successfully register its name in the key commercial milestones of the year.

It shall pave way for grand product launches and professional exposure for the international brands in order to effectively penetrate the regional and local markets. For brands that willingly showcase their products, unique services, or process breakthroughs; Vibrant Ceramics 2017 shall bring alive a vibrant opportunity to have a direct and a more organic connection with their target audiences.

The primary focus shall be on the following essential aspects

  • Exploring tools and techniques, to increase production capacity of ceramics
  • Facilitating increase in production and thus exports of Indian Ceramics to the world
  • Uncovering ceramics products, latest technologies, and innovation at the display
  • Enabling the manufacturers and business associates in shortening the supply chain and eliminating the complexities by motivating e-commerce and digital business options
  • Training and empowering the industries small players towards enhanced awareness of the latest technology to ensure better results and enable a more sustainable ceramics business scenario

Vibrant Ceramics was initiated and held by pursuing the idea of our honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi to see India proliferate in the corporate and commercial realms across the world by providing the optimal combination of skilled human resource and state-of-the-art technology. Vibrant Ceramics 2017, the second edition shall be an ideal portal to meet, interact and discuss business possibilities for industrialists, dealers, customers, experts, and all those who matter in the ceramics Industry.


Hey, I am Ashish Patel, Architectural Designer & Blogger. this is an old video got in storage. we visited the Vibrant Ceramic Expo in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. It was a lovely opportunity to visit the expo. explored so many Designs. tiles companies. It’s an International exhibition so that we Met foreigners.
some companies invited European artists. It’s a really good feeling to be there.
this was my First expo Visit and it made me interested to visit the International exhibition.

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