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Name: Komorebi House
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Design Firm: The Purple Ink Studio
Principal: Architect Akshay Heranjal, Architect Aditi Pai
Photo Credits: Shamanth Patil J


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  1. @buildofy can u add the budget of these houses atleast the average

  2. I like it but I don't like all the rooms on the backside and the theater on the first floor disturb everything. the common gym you can imagine sweating people around you smell while you are watching a movie, so I don't like it too. rooms no balcony totally unacceptable. sorry. the biggest problem no lift. the only thing I like is your presentation is good elevation is good. interiors are ok. you did not mention, how much time you have given to discuss the views of the client before you go to start sketching.

  3. Pure ghar ke 4 photos hi dikhaye
    Samjh me nhi aaya ki kya architect h ghar ka

  4. these guys need to work on their website… It is shit… and slow..

    these guys =

  5. Am I the only one getting anxiety by the number of papers these artists use? Can't they use an iPad pro?? And say no papers???

  6. Those sketch pen noise irritates a lot.. my God 馃樀

  7. How these metal screens will look like in 5 years when they become rusty?

  8. Ye ghar me ped paudhe lagate hai itne to kide nai hote kya? Kaise avoid krte hai use..

  9. What was the cost/ Price of the house.? and who owns it.?

  10. Can I get some plans for 1200sqft

  11. I really liked the living area. How can we decorate it to make it look more beautiful.. I have a similar size of living room and planning to renovate it

  12. I really like the idea.. can you tell me where can I get such green wall planters?

  13. What the sqft of the property

  14. Me as a client like to see the vidoes of d house and understnad your drawings

  15. I like the fact that the video tries to understand how the architect is thinking but at same time would be more enjoyable if the rooms described are shown in more detail so that we can visualise it better

  16. Beautiful house! Quick question, is the cost charged on the plot area or the built up area?

  17. The architect looks like Abhey Deol..

  18. I think u people are wasting such a beautiful idea…
    This channel need better direction. Who care for the drawings of engineers, but u waste half the video on it. Show us the house, and let engineer speak in background

  19. At 3:32 and onward there's a mention of Jali work in the front facade.
    Eager to know what material was used to make the Jali. Was it Aluminium or WPC or something else. Would love if the building owner or the architect can respond.

  20. I wish I cud earn so much money to hire the same architect 馃様

  21. Architect is the man who able to understand the need of family and organise space for all generations
    Well planned by Architect thank you

  22. wow nice architecture and interior design , no servant room ??

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  24. I think large palaces are infront of house like this
    Perfect balance of personal life and social life in one house
    Loved it 鉂わ笍 the best practical house 馃槡

  25. Walk-in Waldrop 馃槷 soo big
    Architect narrated it very well and thanks to buildofy for adding actual house plan of each and every floor

  26. Hi we are doing all modular furniture with complete CNC equipied machines setup in Chitradurga, Karnataka
    Please contact for more details about us +919036768846

  27. 4000sq ft with interior stuff????

  28. Being creative: can you do this type materials and design in or for a tiny home?

  29. who else was annoyed by the pencil noise??

  30. The fact that there is no video tour of the property makes this video uninteresting for me. All we see is a white sheet of paper with black ink on it.

  31. Its amazing to have a theater (and its a nice theater) in your house, but with a living room like that i think id mostly watch movies on the living room t.v. or a tablet. that 3rd floor view of the street is amazing also.

  32. This was probably the best one I saw from this page

  33. Really good work and more importantly the elevation is truly optimistic..! Architectural job is good, but less focussed on Interior Designing!

  34. Nice work bro u like your style

  35. I'm re-visiting every episode (house) because buildofy is taking too long to upload a new one.

  36. This house looked so good until I saw the gym in the theatre? Seriously? This will screw up all of the acoustic treatments the room had possibly been given. But I guess you cannot do anything if the client is being weird.

  37. I have a doubt what grils they used in ground floor for the glass doors

  38. Congratulations now we know all the designing of the house & 2 pictures wow…
    When r u gonna *SHOW THE HOUSE*!??

  39. how much do these architects charge ???

  40. Beautiful job Buildofy. Please continue to do your work EXACTLY as you are right now. That is what is unique about your channel. We need to understand the architect鈥檚 approach and thought process behind designs and that鈥檚 what this channel is for. If people want to just look at interiors not understand how it came to being, then this show isn鈥檛 for them and you are better off without such an audience! Plz don鈥檛 waste your time justifying yourself.

    And this is one beautiful house! To create such a private piece in such a busy area is not easy.

  41. This of course has to be the best house (by interiors and facade) in the series.
    My type of purely modern contemporary house.

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