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Name: Madhav
Location: Vadodara, Gujarat
Completion Year: 2016
Design Firm: Dipen Gada and Associates
Principal: Architect Dipen Gada
Photographer: Dipen Gada and Associates


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  1. If opportunity offers I would be happy to visit this beautiful house. Appreciate the concept of saving trees.

  2. The house is really good but not my type.

  3. Really awesome planned. Can we know what the exact budget for this.

  4. Excellent utilisation of land , canopy is wonderful, hope you have considered wastu effects while retaining the trees inside the house .

  5. What will be the overall cost to build such a beautiful house

  6. Beautiful, love how the trees are incorporated

  7. Love your concept of not cutting down the trees. Just concerned if those tree-cutouts can damage the structure during earthquake/highWinds!?

  8. This house is 1 of my fave brick house as well as location I have ever saw on buildofy till now.

  9. Pls include videos of small house of range 400 sqft to 600 sqft.

  10. Can any one tell me that ..What is the per ft. Cost of dipen bhai's interior design..?

  11. વડોદરામાં કઈ જગ્યાએ આ સુંદર વીલા છે, એક વાર તો મુલાકાત લેવી છે.

  12. I want to build a house in my own site 40*60 in bangalore can you suggest best architects

  13. do you undertake projects in Delhi/Bangalore too Dipen sir

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