big hall in minimalistic style in modern apartment building

Which is better matt or glossy tiles?

Hey, I am Ashish Patel living in Sangli Maharashtra. We have a tiles showroom. When I am hosting the customer and help them to choose tiles majority of people choose rough matt finish tiles for the house.

big hall in minimalistic style in modern apartment building
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As a Designer, I like glossy flooring tiles in the hall. Well, I am taking contracts and also handling shop. Every time I recommend glossy tiles for the hall and a rough matt finish for bedrooms and kitchen.

Not necessarily, no matter whether you’re elderly or infirm, the probabilities of slipping on shiny floor tiles are almost like that of matt tiles. If there’s water on the ground, this will impact the slipperiness of the tile no matter the finish. But you need to know, that it is possible to slip on most floor tiles if you catch them at the wrong angle or speed with your feet or footwear.

some tips to prevent slip on glossy tiles

  • Make sure you employ a shower mat within the bathroom, en-suite, or shower room.
  • Add a doormat within the kitchen by any doors out into the garden or outside.
  • Take caution if you’ve got any excess water on your floor for whatever reason.
  • Mop up any liquid spillages directly to stop possible accidents.

You can see the Image, this is what a glossy tile looks like. Isn’t it looks premium? There are Dark shades and Light shades are available in glossy tiles. Some tiles are categorized as high glossy tiles. Remember that “high glossy tiles are always in dark color.”

Enjoy your Glossy floor tiles and be glad that you simply chose to possess them installed. As long as you employ caution, they’re going to keep you smiling all day long at how stunning they appear.

So, all I want to say, In my experience, I even have shiny floor tiles in both my kitchen and toilet reception (polished Ceramic) but haven’t slipped on either. However, in our showroom by the office we’ve matt floor tiles, and that I have slipped on these on quite one occasion, so you only never can tell. If you are buying tiles I recommend Glossy tiles in the hall for a luxury look. It’s not bad to choose rough tiles. And If you want to know how to choose perfect rough tiles, click here.

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